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New (Moon & Year) – A New Start after a Period for Fresh HOPE

Moon is a mysterious object floating above our head, being a source for numerous myths and stories. Many civilizations follow its path for the future. Millions of people around the world celebrate the second new moon after the winter solstice as New Year or Spring Festival (beginning of spring).

Growth of Mankind toward Extinction

Are the actions of mankind provoking human extinction? In this civilized modern era, humans, the extraordinary living creature has grown multi-fold toward extending the research beyond the sky. Are we working for our future?

Indian Army Day 2020

Indian Army Day Celebration (2020), Nation First is the theme of the year 2019 followed by the Indian Army ahead of a successful journey. Jai Hind.

Solar Eclipse on Sky – Crescent Shadows on The Earth

Trees are the natural medium to see the amazing adventures of the sky during the solar eclipse. Image of Crescent Shaped Sun was observed under the tree at Palakkad, Kerala, India, during the Annular solar eclipse of December 26, 2019. Generally, shadows are always a matter of fear for kids as they are unaware of it. A shadow requires a source of light, the sun, or an illuminating object. To have a shadow, you also need to block that light, maybe a hand, or even a space object like the Moon. If an object moves in front of the light, it will make a shadow. For example, Moon's Umbra is called as Solar Eclipse. The darker part of the shadow is called Umbra, and the lighter part is Penumbra. Each shadow has its own story (Figure 2), we should find the reason, light up and get rid of it.Eclipse, either solar or lunar, both have a substantial impact on our human society. Starting from science to myth, human beings strongly believe in the word "change". Apart from the philosoph…