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Can Science Be A Bridge for Gender Equality?

What is the status of women in science? How to increase the level of women’s participation in science? How science is bridging the gender gap and what are the steps taken to reduce gender inequality via science education. Gender equality is the symbol and identification of building heaven on earth. Everywhere discrimination is existing, and among them, gender inequality is one of the prime roots for many problems, which we must eradicate soon. Could science education bridge the gap between men and women? As we are populated equally in this world, but we are maintaining strong gender stereotypes. Why such inequality? Gender equality has been a vital activism forefront for the betterment of the world. Imagine a world with no gender discriminations and stereotypes; it would be an environment with flourishing outcomes, where everyone follows morality across society.“Science and gender equality” are the predominant development goals for the future included in the 2030 Agenda…

Greta Thunberg: What makes her voice so influential?

Greta Thunberg is a name that has attained much attention recently. A teenage girl became a global icon with her searing stare. What makes her so popular and influential? Here, we will discuss the facts and figures which have been promoting her.