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Cancer killed two celebrities on consecutive days

The demise of Irrfan Khan on April 29, 2020, and Rishi Kapoor on April 30, 2020, deplored the film industry and fans. Amid the coronavirus wave, the irreplaceable loss of celebrities has pushed the admirers to deep grief and shock. Both were diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and struggled with the hardships of pain and therapies. Rishi Kapoor - Leukemia The veteran actor Rishi Kapoor died at his age 67 after a long battle with Leukemia. In 2018, he was diagnosed and followed the treatment. Unfortunately, he failed to overcome cancer. From his previous social media statement, “he is undergone for marrow treatment,” specialists conclude that he suffered from Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). AML is a kind of cancer that starts in the bone marrow. Irrfan Khan – Neuroendocrine cancer Irrfan khan died at his age 53, the well-known actor in both Hollywood and Bollywood. In 2018, he was diagnosed with colon infection and later identified as neuroendocrine cancer. Similar to Rishi Kapoor, he sta…

Women in the limelight – 2020 first quarter

Women are always glowing brighter across all the platforms. In the first quarter of 2020, the whole world is dwelling in a deadly epidemic plight, where women are stands out, retaining the audacity in science, politics, or law studies. With great perseverance, love, and intellectual power, women are doing their best for family and country. Leadership against COVID-19 Women leaders of the nations such as Taiwan, Germany, New Zealand, Finland, Iceland, Norway are already in the limelight owing to their extraordinary foresight and choices in curbing COVID-19. In plenty of articles, we can see about their strategic planning, courageous decisions to manage the novel coronavirus pandemic situation smoothly. Read moreWomen leaders are doing a disproportionately great job at handling the pandemic. So why aren't there more of them?Are female leaders more successful at managing the coronavirus crisis?8 (More) Women Leaders Facing The Coronavirus Crisis However, in some countries listed b…

Vision on drought and blossom for future: Earth day 2020

Alarming echo is picturing that earth is in a danger zone. Everywhere drought, failures in agriculture, unpredictable weather, rising temperature, greenhouse gases are experienced.“Drought is the death of the earth” – T.S. Eliot, poetWhat is our aim for the future – To nurture the agriculture and resources or to stamp out the drought?Ruling out the drought will result in flourishing,orMaintaining prosperity will result in the absence of drought.This is the conventional psychological thought process for all. However, drought and prosperity are two different poles, and we need a specific strategy for sustainable ambiance. Let us see how both are unique and structured in the same environment. In 2019, delayed South-West monsoon benefited India with extended rainfall and more agricultural outcome. Whereas, it made a negative impact on the Summer monsoon of Australia, leading to rainfall shortages, crop losses, and wildfire. The delayed monsoon became a blessing for one land, and the same …

Evolution of molecular test (RT-PCR) kit for SARS-CoV-2 viral genome

The diagnostic kit plays a vital role in curbing the spread of novel coronavirus. A rapid and accurate diagnosis of infected people will help to reduce the panic situation.After the major outbreak in the European nations and the United States of America, the WHO importuned the world "test, test, and test" as much possible. The importance and multifold increase in the demand for the diagnostic kit resulted in over 200 companies and researchers around the world developing rapid and accurate diagnostic kits for pneumonia 'SARS-CoV-2'.Nucleic acid-based molecular diagnosis (RT-PCR), antibodies detection, and lung analysis using CT-Scan are being considered for the diagnosis. Amidst, the RT-PCR test provides exact information and identifies the infection at the early stage, and hence, recognized it as a gold standard. Antibodies test and CT-Scan analysis are the secondary protocol, both the methods are used to find the infection after the proliferation of viruses in the …

Fourth industrial revolution of South Korea and coronavirus

The very high global demand for coronavirus testing kits brings South Korea into the limelight appreciating its wisdom. The amendment of the 4th industrial revolution in 2017 helped to achieve the feat and become the major exporter of diagnostic kits and healthcare products. The first SARS-CoV-2 cases were identified on Jan 20, 2020, in South Korea. In the March first week, there was a high number of infected cases. Later, the active steps like trace-down, screening, and self-quarantine action imposed by the Government resulted in flattening the curve. Now, they have registered with cases below 50. The first and only country with flattening of the pandemic spreading curve in a short duration of time is South Korea. Now, the country has become the global hub for exporting both rapid and standard COVID-19 test kits. The quick testing kit follows the IgG and IgM antibody test (serological test), whereas the standard test kit follows RNA molecular identification (RT-PCR assay) of SARS-CoV-2…

Zero Shadow Day – India 2020

Zero Shadow Time, when no traces of the actions on the earth exists. It could be the vision of the digital world; however, in this physical world, we can enjoy Zero Shadow Day twice a year. Sun, the celestial body, the visible astronomical object creates a shadow for any solid object on the earth. Light and shadow are the two pairable entities on the planet, except for the time when they meet vertically at 90 degrees in between the location of Tropic of Cancer (+23.5°) and Tropic of Capricorn (-23.5°). The 23.5° tilted earth (reason of different seasons) and the sun’s path in the sky results in many astronomical events and causes for this existence. Solstice and equinox are the apparent changes that design the seasons on the earth. While the path of the Sun from December solstice (21 or 22) of the month) to June solstice (20 or 21 of the month) and vice-versa results in the exact parallel to the earth. The region in the tropical latitudes (+23.5° to +23.5°) experiences that at a specif…

Violation of self-quarantine rule: Breaking the bond with the government (South Korea)

40-year-old Indonesian man deported – The first deportation of a foreigner3 Vietnamese overrule the self-quarantine – results in departing from the land of South Korea Around the globe, social distancing, self-quarantine, curfew, and lock-down are well-known synonyms for everyone. Most of us are living in undesirable conditions. One-third of the world population is following the strict rule of lock-down strict in their respective countries.South Korea is presently the most successful nation in curbing the spread of novel coronavirus pandemic. The wisdom they gained from the MERS attack previously and forethoughtful leadership helped to achieve success. Many countries are imbibing the strategies of South Korea to handle the existing situation efficiently by cutting-down the vigorousness of the contagion.   Starting from April 1, 2020, the South Korean government announced the self-isolation for all international arrivals. If anybody violates the rule, they might live one year in prison …

3 Methods to diagnose COVID-19

The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 is an epidemiological threat to the nations. The techniques are available to diagnose COVID-19 alerts the countries to curb the spread quickly. Many fake news or misconceptions about the techniques and testing kits could mislead the information and health concerns extending to economic crises. Nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) - real-time reverse-transcriptase–polymerase-chain-reaction (RT-PCR)Serological (Antibodies) testingChest radiograph or computed tomography (CT)World Health Organization standardized the biochemical methods like RT-PCR and serological tests to diagnose COVID-19 as of February 2020. However, research studies confirmed that image analysis could be an advent methodology to assess the infected patient.Amidst, RT-PCR stands out for the accurate detection of the novel coronavirus (SARS-nCoV-2). Many countries are preparing RT-PCR or mini-RT-PCR kits for fast accessing of the diagnosis results. Due to the high numbers of spreading…

Science & Technology or Leadership & Co-operation - Reason for Contagion

Coronavirus wave has been rattling the world. In recent history, such a hard-hit of public health, economic and ineffable situation has not been faced. Science & Technology or Leadership & Co-operation has any solution for that.  Day by day, the coronavirus tension is increasing enormously. Public health and economic catastrophe pushed scientists to the verge of finding new vaccines and medicines. The clinical trials have been started before a long while in China and other places. However, specific underpinned problems agitate finding the solutions to COVID-19.In this 21st century, we are capable of sending machines to our neighboring planets. Well advanced modern science compared to history is aiming to build a solution for future problems like
Healthy lifestyle Understanding nature for wellness Protection from aliensSo far, we are progressing well in the right direction to achieve the above. But is our scientific developments helping us in emergencies? Do we have a rider to…

Real facts about myths and misconceptions around COVID-19

Controlling the spread of COVID -19 has become an essential goal for every country across the world. However, some mischievous beliefs and misconceptions about COVID-19 are spreading faster than infections.Beliefs & FactsLet us see the top beliefs of people, and the facts regarding the coronavirus infection are.Belief #1:Coronavirus is a bacteria, not a virus. Paracetamol or Aspirin could stop it.
Fact: The unevidenced Facebook message stated that coronavirus is a bacteria, and the severe impact is due to the"Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation" (Thrombosis). 
This myth and hoax spread in social media based on the report of an Italian doctor. However, the Italian doctor has identified the link between coronavirus and inflammatory disorder through the investigation of a sudden increase in the Italian children's death.
Many Fact Check clearly disproved the myth. Hence, don't consider Paracetamol or Aspirin for the treatment of COVID-19, both provide pain relief on…