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Fusion of AI with cultural forms of South Korea

Korean digital cultural mediaWell, most of us have come across the popularity of Korean entertainment. Starting from KPOPs to daily soaps, we might have liked and followed them. Especially the youngsters. Recently, in 2019, the comedy thriller movie “Parasite” won the Oscar prize for several categories. Internet and smartphones provide accessibility for everyone to explore more. Our young generation exhibits a huge craze in Korean entertainment news and productions.The production companies realized the universal demand for Korea’s Cultural Productions. Similarly, they have identified the required needs in the market to improve as well. Now, the production firms focus to reach more end-users in the coming days. A fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) with cultural formsSouth Korea is one of the countries that successfully implemented5G telecommunications for public services. Based on the 5G platform, they have many plans in networking, healthcare, etc. The recent announcement by SK Te…

Mandatory facemask for moving around in South Korea

Key points: "No Mask, No Ride" policy amended by South Korea on May 25, 2020 Facemask is mandatory for all the passengers to travel in buses, taxis, subways, and flights to control the coronavirus spreadSouth Korea is the country that controlled the COVID-19 spread effectively without lockdown. However, the recent hike in the infected numbers due to nightclub activities and taxi travel forced the government to take additional preventive measures.Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures recommended wearing a facemask in all public meeting places, especially during the travel in public transports."We plan to implement the mask-wearing requirement for the transportation sector with all municipal governments together, starting from tomorrow," Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, South KoreaThe citizens of the country widely accepted No Mask, No Ride' policy on day 1 (Tuesday, May 26, 2020). The understanding and urge of people abiding by the rules of…

Traditional ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020

Care: Taking care from morning to night and allowing to enjoy the physical rest and peaceful ambianceChat: 60 minutes healthy chat would increase the happinessMother’s Day, the most auspicious day, everyone wishes to honor and celebrate it. Every year we are observing Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. This year would be unique, we can say. The world might not have experienced such a pandemic situation recently, not at least some decades back. Most of the countries are following curfew to curb the COVID-19, and some countries are relaxing from the unpleasant lockdown or social distancing pursuals. In these circumstances, how can we plan and execute a celebration of Mother’s Day during COVID-19? On the internet, many of us would be searching for How to spend Mother’s Day 2020? Mother’s Day gifts Now let us discuss a few things. What we followed previously and how we can organize Mother’s Day 2020 to be the most special and never forgettable in our life. I am sure; no one wants t…

Tips to save money 75% on Microsoft office 365 purchase

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Digital world in our homes with office templates – Productivity Boosters

Step into the world of bright new designs & colors to invoke the creativity of your kids, entertaining kids indoor play and family members through Microsoft 365 (earlier Office 365). Microsoft 365 or Office 365 is a popular product for writing a text document, developing worksheets, or presenting slides and more productivity apps. Of course, there are many adventure activities to explore and cultivate our talents. Productive usage of leisure time is one of the most significant challenges. Reading books, browsing & learning, exploring adventurous activities, playing outdoor games /indoor activities, engaging in our hobbies, fulfilling our long-time desires are the most prominent effort we could affirm the quality time. We already would be using the standard templates provided by Microsoft Office 365 and such similar software or digital apps to accomplish our daily work and needs. However, recently, Microsoft has introduced new templates for much more customized activities with …