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China upgraded the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for emergency communication service

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has developed WING LOONG-I, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to enhance the space-air-ground emergency communication service. The developed Wing Loong-1 universal platform has been tested in an airfield of northwest China and resulted in a successful mission accomplishment to strengthen the emergency communication facilities. WING LOONG “WING LOONG (WL) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is a multi-purpose reconnaissance-strike integrated UAV system of medium-altitude, medium speed, and long endurance - Aviation Industry Corporation of China ” WING LOONG-I (WL-I) can carry payloads to execute intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, real-time strike missions. AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Design and Research Institute (AVIC CADI) developed the WL UAV for high-capacity, medium-altitude, and long-endurance unmanned vehicles. WING LOONG-I Test performance The WL-I UAV carried wireless communication base station equipment at an altitude of 3 to 5 km …

Galwan Valley Violence in the India-China border: Each country blaming the other

The Chinese statement accused Indians, whereas Indians reported a Chinese illegal move for the Galwan Valley Violence. However, both countries are suffering from casualties during the face-off. India reported that 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, but the Chinese government not yet declared any official causalities. The U.S. intelligence report stated that China suffered 35 casualties.  “India, violating the consensus reached by the two countries by crossing the border twice and provocatively and attacking Chinese personnel, resulting in serious physical clashes between the two forces." – Zhao Lijian, Chinese Foreign Ministry "On the evening of June 15, 2020, a violent confrontation was led to by Chinese soldiers trying to unilaterally change the original line of control" Srivastava, Indian Government Spokesman Consequences of India-China border dispute Everyone salutes the martyrdom of soldiers, but in the end, family members suffer to the core. India states that they …

A new way for online shows, performances, and games – BTS is the first largest paid online concert

Key points:BTS "Bang Bang Con" recorded a highest-paid online concert in the worldSet a platform and showed new possibilities for concerts, shows, games through online performancesPost-ponding or canceling the conferences, events, games, shows, and stage concerts are becoming the so-common news after the pandemic coronavirus spread. The administrative meetings and scientific discussions have been conducted through video conferencing, web conferencing, or webinars via cloud-based communications technologies like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. However, BTS (K-pop) "Bang Bang Con" has hit the largest paid online concert show. Let's see in detail. K-pop: BTSBTS is one of the most famous and successful musical bands in the Korean pop industry. The performances of BTS earned many fans around the world. The fans of Korean Boy Band BTS are called as "BTS Army." Bang Bang Con: The Live The pandemic coronavirus spread locked the BTS band from perfo…

Raloxifene – New contestant in COVID-19 treatment race

Among several drugs, Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine are the contestants in the drug trial race for the COVID-19 treatment. Researchers in South Korea have identified a new drug for an effective treatment for COVID-19. The drug called Raloxifene is a medication used to prevent and treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and those on glucocorticoids. Gyeonggi Business and Science Accelerator and the National Institute of Health in South Korea have identified that the drug raloxifene can hinder COVID-19 activities at the cell level. However, further clinical trials will be required for confirmation and declaration of raloxifene as a drug for COVID-19 treatment. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, South Korea will take decision on continuing the drug for the human trial. The details are based on Arirang News.

Sushant Singh Rajput - a young Indian actor, and dancer ends his life by hanging in his home

Sushant Singh Rajput, a famous Indian young Bollywood actor ends his life on June 14, 2020, by hanging in his Bandra residence, Mumbai. The young Bollywood actor became famous after playing the lead role in the biopic of legendary cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the movie M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. He appeared first in the daily soap "Pavitra Rishta" and anchored love for him in many hearts.  The young actor Sushant (age of 34) was born on Jan 21, 1986. Today (Jun 14, 2020), he hanged himself in his residence. The buzz around his death is suspicious. Because five days ago (June 9, 2020) his manager 28-year-old Disha Salian committed suicide by jumping from a high building.  The recent news published on Facebook reasoned that the hang might be work or financial depression from 6 months. Depression and Sushant Singh Rajput Depression, one of the dangerous unseen diseases pushes one to end life. Sushant in his movie "Chhichhore"…

Restaurants reopening in COVID-19 - example for how to organize restaurants before reopening for successful business

Amid the pandemic COVID-19 waves, restaurants are occupying the frontline in the food chain. Hygienic and social distancing rules directly reflected in the restaurants to switch as takeout shops. After a long haul of COVID-19 pandemic wave, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration(FDA) instructed guidance and best practices to reopen the restaurant business.Most of the countries have permitted to reopen restaurants with necessary precautions and following COVID-19 guidance.Reopening guidance for the restaurant industry The National Restaurant Association and other industry representatives developed a set of guidelines to help restaurants by reopening in the not yet completed pandemic wave manner. The NRA guidelines emphasize the following practices in restaurants: Food safety Cleaning and sanitizing Employee health monitoring and personal hygiene Social distancing The first three are well-known, and mostly all are followed to e…

Cup deposit fee for takeout drinks to save resources – South Korea

Key pointsTakeout beverages with new deposit fee for recyclable cups Amendment will be soon after taking necessary measuresModernization impact in takeout policy Raising modernization hugely relied on the takeaway policy of foods, snacks, and beverages from fast-food chain restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops. In South Korea, recent statistics exhibited a huge increase in takeaway culture.  Takeaway cups - 595% increase in 11 years (2007 to 2018) Fast-food chain restaurants – 872% increase in 10 years (2008 to 2018) Meanwhile, recycling waste reduced from 37% to 5% in 9 years (2009 to 2018). The lack of awareness on recyclable materials and fast-changing routine habits ended up in recyclable materials mixing with the incinerated waste. Unfortunately increasing the greenhouse gases causing air pollution. New act to save and recycle the resources Ministry of Environment, South Korea decided to revise the act on the promotion of saving and recycling of resources. The revised rec…

Give life to your goals

We walked 150 days this year, 2020. Most of the successful people have followed their determination by giving life to it at every sunrise. Are you looking for such magic in your life? Let us crack it. New year resolution The new beginning of the year always cheers us and gives new confidence for the fresh beginning. As the year begins, most of us have our resolution lists. Have we ever checked the previous year list? Surprisingly, the new list repeats most of the things which we wrote in the last year's list too. Often so, why those resolutions did not get life in the last year itself? Why are such resolutions regaining seats in the new year? Is it common for all? As the first half of 2020 is going to end, we have the remaining half a year to seal everything. Let's start from the most common resolution list: Getting up early in the morning Exercising daily for 15 minutes Reducing the time for social media usage Very few can successfully turn their resolutions into achieveme…