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Alpha Zero is an a platform for a different perspective of news, science & technology, business, and lifestyle around the world. 
Everyone has a difference of opinion on each and every action. With this motivation, we have created this webpage to present our opinion on different subjects in short descriptive pages. We cover wide topics which include recent trends, the news covered on national and international platforms, politics, science, technology, lifestyle, and culture. We assure each page comes with a unique description and opinion. If you have any difference of opinion, please comment in the description box or reach us at contact@alpha0.in.

All the contents on the webpage are to build a healthy environment with a different perspective. Versatile views on a subject will help to improve everyone's intellectual level along with wisdom. Our editorial members are working hard to choose important and interactive topics to discuss and share on our blog.

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Editorial member(s)

Prabakaran Shankar is working in the academic industry after his Ph.D. He is a writer interested in an analysis of the subject from a different perspective.

Lakshmishri Prabakaran is a scientific researcher interested in exploring and writing different styles of journals, including science, literature, lifestyle, and so on.

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